Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Martha Project: C is for Candle // Teacup Candles


These candles are adorable, right? We were both really excited to make them. Like more excited than both the shadow box and the sun-printed pillows. Mostly because they would make really great simple gifts. They had already had homes before we even started. one would go to one of our best internet friends, Brett and one to Patrick's mom. We spent a week scouring thrift shops and antique stores looking for the perfect teacups. I wanted something classic and simple, and Patrick was looking for something a little more whimsical.

Sometimes I feel fancier than Martha. I know. Is that even possible? It's not. SHE DOES ALL THINGS PERFECTLY AND HER DIRECTIONS (when followed exactly) ARE FLAWLESS. I saw that these candles called for melt & pour soy wax, but thought "We're so much better than that. We don't need melted phytoestrogens and vaporized GMOs floating around our home. We'll use organic beeswax and it will purify the air. We're so rustic and health conscious!"

DSC_0762 DSC_0796

And so we made a double boiler and a magical little autumnal spice blend, then melted the wax. No microwave or any sketchy shortcuts. It smelled beautiful and warm. Everyone would thank us for giving them candles that cleaned the air and improved all other aspects of their lives. These really were the most amazing candles.

But they weren't.

Apparently, all wicks are NOT created equal. The wicks burn MUCH faster than the wax. The candles burned themselves out in just few minutes.

We'll melt out the beeswax and use it for body care, and keep the teacups for fancy mornings.


So, we learned a valuable lesson three crafts into The Martha Project: Martha knows best. Use the appropriate tools, follow the directions exactly, and always trust the queen. YASSS.