Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Things // Warby Parker : At Home Try On

On Robbie: Kimball in Whiskey Tortoise & Downing In Walnut Tortoise
On Pat: Beckett in Striped Chestnut & Rowan in Whiskey Tortoise

Pat and I have been looking at bathing suits for at least two weeks. I can't stop thinking about fresh herbs and flowers. Spring Fever is definitely in full effect.

Last Friday, we decided to make a preliminary excursion to a fancy shopping center to get a few new outfits and other things to prepare for the warmer seasons. We found a few shirts, and a bunch of small houseware things, but it's still been difficult to find exactly what we want.

We did, however, order a try-on box from Warby Parker. I love my Begley frames and wear them every single day, but I really wanted another option. It's been a little while since Pat has gotten new glasses and he was looking for something a little more interesting.

We each ended up liking both of our picks, and we can't wait to share our final decisions with you all :)