Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What We're Reading: The First Bad Man


Pat picked this book up for me on a day that didn't seem to really be working out, knowing how much I love Miranda July. She has a kooky sense of humanity that inspires me by asking really difficult and interesting questions; questions that make you feel like you may simultaneously understand really big things by exploring their smallness.

I should have prefaced that we read to each other, out loud before/in bed. It's one of those little quirks about our relationship that is absolutely indicative of the romantic personality we've created together over the past few years.

This book is tough, uncomfortable and beautiful. I honestly think that working together through some of the uncomfortable subject matter together audibly made this book even more interesting than reading it alone and carrying the secrets privately.

The book is mostly about the games adults play in their private lives, and hearing them be said out loud brought a kind of catharsis that reading alone could not have achieved. It's like a scene in one of those movies where someone has a revelation about something and then yells what they've learned from the tallest hill/mountain/building that is closest to them. Except that their significant other is next to them, and they're yelling too. Both voices know and understand. Yeah, its like that.




I guess what you should take away from this review (Is this a review?) is this:

Find this book.
Read it with someone.
Watch the Universe unfold.

Robbie + Patrick