Monday, May 18, 2015

HANDMADE MONDAY: A Most Bespeckled Hat


Handmade things are an important part of our lifestyle. Not only do we try to make a lot of the things that we need or want, but often we are searching for the most authentic source of the things we cannot create. Handmade Monday is going to be a reflection of that. If we have made something, or are in the process, we'll use Monday to discuss what we are learning or to share something that we've finished. Alternately, if we are not diligently working on something, we will use Mondays to highlight a maker or a item that we are lusting over. Please feel free to share something you're working on, or a handmade items in the comments below! We'd loved to see what you're making and what's inspiring you!




On Thursday, we stopped by Home Made on the way home from a picnic at the zoo. I'm always super excited to swing by Julie's shop but I never have a project in mind when we do. I always end up buying a handful of odds and ends and Patrick always picks out yarn for our Beekeeper's quilt. They have giant selection of Madeline Tosh Unicorn Tails and we never leave without picking out at least one.

With a sense of urgency, I flipped through the pattern binders to find something quick to knit. I found a hat pattern from Dull Roar, grabbed a skein of Manos and we headed home for dinner.

By bed time, half of the hat was knitted and I knew I was going to run out of yarn. I did. You can figure out how I solved that problem if you look at the back view of the hat :)

I decided that if I was diligently knitting a project or so a week, that I would have tons of Christmas gifts ready by December. However, Pat immediately claimed this hat once it was blocked and dry. Hopefully the next project will make it to the gift basket.

The pattern was really straightforward and simple, and if we ignore the fact that I underestimated yardage, this project went super well. I'm kind of glad we're keeping it.