Friday, February 12, 2016



We decided that self-love was going to play an important role in our Valentine's Day preparations this year. We spend so much time stressing over gifts or experiences we want to give the other, that we sometimes end up with ferocious neck beards and ferocious anxiety. Going into this holiday (Hallmark or not, we'll use any excuse to celebrate love) I wanted to make sure a sense of calm washed over us before we had to worry about competing schedules or unnecessary gifts (We just KonMarie'd and I can't even think of owning more STUFF--more on that later).

Our theme? WARMTH. It's been so cold out and we're adjusting to living in a new place, so comfort was our ultimate goal. We came up with a plan that soared straight past warm to totally hot!

We started our day with Bach's Rescue Remedy. We've only just started exploring floral essences, but there's definitely something magical about them. While this may not scream "WARM!" it subtly hinted at Spring and started our day off so very gently.

After breakfast we applied Patrick's favorite DIY mask; ACV and French Green clay, before dry brushing and filling the tub with Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath. We squished into the thickly scented, spicy tub together for the full twenty minutes, and talked about our plans for the rest of the day. 

I like to think that I'm a yoga guy, but I rarely have the opportunity to go. There's a beautiful Baptiste yoga studio near our new place that we are both very excited about. There's no better way to practice self-care and stay WARM, so we joined an early afternoon session; sixty minutes of the amazing Grace & Glory experience was exactly what we were looking for.

We headed home, showered, put on cozy sweaters and ended our day at one of the best kept secret Pho restaurants in the county; endless cups of jasmine tea and giant bowls of fatty broth wrapped around us.

We harnessed WARMTH through self-love. We shared the vulnerable experience of self-love. Insecurities and anxiety have melted away; we are now fully prepared to stand inside our love for each other.

Sending you all LOVE & WARMTH!
Happy Valentine's Day!