Monday, December 21, 2015

MAKE // Last Minute Hand Stamped Gift Wrap


During the summer, Patrick and I needed to wrap a wedding gift for his cousin but didn't like any of the paper we found. We were shopping at Paper Source and found the cutest tandem bicycle stamp instead. Patrick suggested that we make our own wrapping paper using the cute stamp and very fancy bronze ink. So fun! I can only hope that my craftiness is contagious.

In my previous gift wrap post, I told you that we're trying to use the things we have this Christmas so we won't have to move half used rolls of wrapping paper in the spring. Naturally, that means using as many of our giant rolls of kraft paper as possible.


I bought this stamp on a crafter's binge at Home Made in the summer, I think. Even then, I couldn't resist the little Dala horse--or the 50% off price tag. I really love the aesthetic of Yellow Owl Workshop stamps! Kind of rustic and crude, the hand carved look is so dreamy.


This is the perfect last minute wrapping idea. We cut the paper first, so we wouldn't waste ink or time, and quickly stamped out a repeating pattern with two stamps in the kit.


Patrick gave me these typeset letters last year, and I am so excited to use them for gift tags. I like that I'm not great at lining the letters up. It adds a quirky handmade touch that I know Zooey Deschanel would approve of.


In this house we always have both a ton of brown paper and plenty of baker's twine, so they're kind of a natural pairing around here. Someone on Instagram suggested that my next book should be called "101 Uses for Baker's Twine" and they're probably right.